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Music Producer & Multi-Instrumentalist

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Peruvian professional musician based in Los Angeles, California with a bachelor’s degree in music and a specialization in music production from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas (UPC) in Lima, Peru. Proficient in vocal performance and the performance of guitars and bass as well as in songwriting and composition, musical arrangements, music production and audio recording, processing and mixing, also experienced in the performance of drums, percussion instruments and keyboards. 27-year-old Adrian has worked on more than 50 official releases of some of the hottest new artists of the local Peruvian scene like Autobus, NATI, Inzul, La Ficcion, We The Lion, Adrian Bello, Isza, ADIEL and Golden Cameleon. He is also a former member of rock band Autobus and has worked as a session musician for several international and local artists like Lasso, Adrian Bello, Isza and Danitse in the genres of rock, pop, folk, Latin urban, reggaeton, R&B and soul both live and in the studio.


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